Startup Weekend Cebu

(Updated/Live Blogged earlier) Startup Weekend Cebu drew 205 registered participants as the 54-hour event begins this evening at the UP Cebu Conference Hall.

Startup Weekend aims to come up with some business ideas through building a web or mobile application and connect it to marketeers and investors for realization. However, Tins Amper, Founder of–organizer of Startup Weekend Cebu–dismisses the impression that only tech-anchored business ideas are  entertained in this biggest meet up.

The event gathers people of different skills- software developers, graphic designers, marketeers, and business-oriented individuals. Amper envisioned the start-up ideas to be pursued by the teams but not after immersing with expert mentors. (Play the audio clip of my interview with Tins Amper below.)

Highlighting the opening day were the PITCHES where about 40 representatives of various groups presented their business ideas. Amazing ideas were presented-from text sharing app, blood donation app to traffic location application.


One participant presented his Pitch before the gathering.

Attendees voted the top ideas and later discussed the ideas by teams that was organized for the purpose. The various Pitches were written on pieces of paper and posted on the wall for everyone to choose from.

For the next two days, mentors shall engaged with the teams for the development of   each business idea. And on Sunday, these business ideas shall be presented to a panel of judges for judgement and awarding. The Startup Weekend Cebu is participated in by some foreigners who also pitched their ideas.

Shown on the picture at left is my former student–Queeny Garcia who also pitched their ideas–“Ayoo“, a unique selling and buying site where buyers will look for the buyers rather than the buyers looking for the products to buy. The idea is a twist of the current online auction and selling sites like Ebay and

UPDATE!!!(Note from the organizer) The 10-man “Wait Know More” team, composed of members from different age groups – 16 being the youngest and 50 the oldest, ran away with the top fabulous prizes and landed a partnership deal with a UK-based company, besting 17 other teams in the 54-hour competition for developers, designers, marketers, technopreneurs, and venture capitalists.
Members of the winning squad are Kaom Te, George Padin, Cedric Santos Jr., Lance Quejada, Dandeljane Maraut, Cyrus Rufino, Kristian Jacob Abad Lara, Wesley Chiongbian, and Jason Coppage, the most senior in the team. 🙂

Note from this blogger: The “WaitKnowMore” team’s idea is not new in the industry. Check here my follow-up post.


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