My PLDT DSL Connection SUCKS!!!

My PLDT DSL Connection SUCKS!!!

It’s been a month that my internet connection has been showing inconsistencies. The net speed is very erratic from crawling to its expected speed. However, since May 1 the speed is consistently crawling to the point that it’s hard to load pages.

Not even has able to load the first time i attempted to test my speed. One test shows that i have enough download speed at a burst speed more than 700kbps–the regular speed for my Plan 768. However, my upload speed is only about 90kbps and ping is very high. Ping measures the quality of our net connection which indicates how fast our line connects to the net.

I posted a status about my predicament in my Facebook account to get the reaction of my contacts. Some of them experience the same problem with PLDT. What is sad for the consumers is the fact that PLDT is consistent in restricting our account if we failed to settle our dues on time while we can’t do anything if they’re the one who is fail.

Calling the National Telecommunications Commission.


13 thoughts on “My PLDT DSL Connection SUCKS!!!

  1. I have since a few months the problem that the pages what I want to connected, that I receive every time the message,
    can’t find the page, well comment by the PLDT but no answer on my question, I become really sad from this


  2. yap, Our business computer shop is getting ruined because of this P@kSh** pldt should be sued in court because of this they playing people mind if you complain they just gonna tell you they’re doing some upgrade then what now?? always get disconnected, internet speed is so f**king slow (-____-) so lame services.. and also during rainy season or there is a rain the connection also gets disconnected..


  3. I’m having the same problem. I hated when I’m playing League of Legends then suddenly the connection disconnects then reconnects after 2 – 3 minutes, then it disconnects again and then it will reconnect again after 2 – 3 minutes and it goes on and on and lasts for about 3 – 4 hours. WTF to that. They want to monopolize the internet but gives poor services.


  4. I got the PLDT mydsl 1mbps n download speed is 100kbps only. Cant even watch youtube. The speed was high until i paid my balance for modem!!! And they called me to ask if i wud like to upgrade a few times. Amazingly a few days near to that the speed was high too… But now it sucks…


  5. The time frame is about right. On May 9 my sister came to visit me in the Philippines and one of her major needs was internet connection. I said that she didn’t need to worry because PLDT’s pretty awesome. You can imagine my disappointment when the internet connection started flaking. And it didn’t end there. It’s still flaking right now. And that’s a really big problem because I happen to pay Php1,305 a month for my PLDTdsl. I called tech support (?) a week ago and thought that they had already handled the problem. It’s already been a week since I called them about it and a whole month of crappy internet connection that’s just not worth the money I’m paying. The only thing I want to do now is throw the damn thing or stop my subscription entirely. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH PLDT?! is this their way of screwing with us loyal customers? ‘Cause they sure are doing a good job at it!


  6. cant anyone help with this problem?
    because i just call to their customer service they will just say that your connection is fine
    but in our house is totally a slow down…


    • try another laptop to connect to your PLDT modem to isolate the problem. If the connection is still slow even if you use another computer/laptop, then it’s the PLDT’s problem. Otherwise, check your computer for possible problem.


  7. Just wanna chime in. Been burning their lines for the past 2 days. I’m on a 3mbit/1mbit business line who does videoconferencing via Skype daily. I never know what they tweak in the central office everytime I report a problem which somehow disappears the following day, on the same day if I’m lucky. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that they just reset a router or something or changed a little setting on their side, eh?


    • You’re probably right. They never admit a mistake because it’s bad business. If you don’t complain, nothing will happen. So, just speak out. Thanks for visiting.  



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