New YM Sends SMS Instantly to Any Mobile Phones FREE!!!

Have you been prompted by your Yahoo Messenger desktop app to update to YM version 11.5? It’s worth a try and it gives you FREE SMS to any mobile phones in 10 countries. This is very useful when replying to text messages but you don’t want to share your mobile number to the recipient. Click the prompt in your YM desktop app or directly go to the download page to update your YM app.

Follow the instruction in the download page to install.

These are the features of the new YM version 11.5 including the instant SMS Free to all mobile phones and the high-quality full screen video.

Click the “graph button(the one enclosed in red box) beside the “Add a Contact” button in the YM desktop app to open the YM dialer shown at left.

Set the country code by choosing "Philippines" or the country of the recipient of the SMS in the pull-down menu. Then dial using the dialer, minus the "0". the mobile number of the recipient. Click SMS button.

The normal YM chat box will pop up and start sending the message. The message is usually received by the recipient in about 5 seconds.

The message is limited to 145 characters per send.

The YM  supports SMS messaging in ten (10) countries including the U.S., Canada and the Philippines with selected carriers. Sending SMS from YM is free but the recipient may be charged for receiving and replying from their mobile phone.

Sun is charging P2/reply to YM while Globe is charging P2.50/reply.

Calling to a PC in YM is free anywhere while calling a phone has a charge. Clicking the “call” button in the dialer opens another dialogue where you shall be asked to sign up to Yahoo! Voice. The call rates for the different countries can be found here.


One thought on “New YM Sends SMS Instantly to Any Mobile Phones FREE!!!

  1. POSTSCRIPT: Unlike Gmail SMS, you don’t need to add the mobile number to your contact list prior sending the SMS in YM. Though, replying in Gmail SMS is cheaper than in YM at a regular rate (Globe-P1/reply and Sun–P0.50/reply).


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