Pinoy Hackers Retaliate; Deface some Chinese Sites

I still don’t believe we can win a war against China–be it on land, sea, and air. We can’t even win a war in the Cyberspace as what a handful of Pinoy hackers are doing now–defacing some Chinese web sites. Reports say at least two hackers purportedly from the Philippines claimed responsibility in defacing some of the sites. The one below is the screenshot of  a Chinese government agency site defaced by a hacker.

These hacking activities are believed in retaliation against the hacking of the web site of the University of the Philippines on Friday. The UP site is now back after being taken down by the university computer center for maintenance.

The hacking activities of alleged hackers from the Philippines can’t coward the Chinese tech-people who are known for their notorious hacking activities in the past. If we shall engage with them Cyberspace war, i am sure we shall be at the losing side in the end.

Consider these few facts about Chinese hackers:

  • Chinese hackers, whether sanctioned by Beijing or not had intrude to several government sites in several countries in Europe and in the United States.
  • China has more than a half-billion internet users. This mean not only Chinese people who are using the internet but the physical addresses of the internet users. If all of these computer terminals will be in a botnet to stage a Denial of Service Attacks (DoSA), then they can easily topple us.

So, mga kababayang hackers stop dreaming and pretending we can deliver a good fight over the net because it’s like an exercise in futility. Our victory is in the diplomatic channels. Let China face us at the United Nations and let them prove that the Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal are not ours. Common sense would tell the Philippines is more accessible and very near to these islands, as illustrated below.