Chinese Can Topple R.P. via Cyberattacks Alone

In my post today in Facebook, i’ve written: WHY WE SHOULD NOT FIGHT AGAINST CHINA!!!!!

I enumerated in the post some obvious reasons why we’re already in the losing side if we shall engage war against the communist giant:

  • China has 1.37 billion people not counting the “pure” Chinese who are naturalized Filipino. (Ihian lang ta sa mga Intsik maglunop na ang Pilipinas)
  • China has the largest Army in the World–2.3 million active troops (other reports say 3.4 million). We only have about 125,000 soldiers with 130,000 in the reserve service.
  • China has purchased modern jets from Russia. We bought surplus from America.
  • China produces its own modern jets. We can’t even produced by mass production RC planes.
  • China has numerous missiles. We only have “kwitis” from Bulacan and Lapulapu.
  • China has submarines. We only have ONE SURPLUS modern war ship stationed in Spratlys.

Few hours after my post, it has been reported that alleged Chinese hackers have defaced the official website of the University of the Philippines–the country’s top university. The home page of UP was replaced with a map highlighting the Spratly islands disputed by the Philippines and China. The map caption reads: “We come from China! Huangyan Island is Ours,” referring to Scarborough Shoal where Chinese and Philippine vessels had a standoff lately.

The UP administration has taken down the site temporarily for maintenance and investigation.

Chinese hackers had been cited for several hacking attempts and successes in several government offices in some countries in Europe and even intruded in several government sites in the U.S. When Iranian hackers hijacked Chinese biggest site Baidu and used it to attack U.S. government sites, Chinese hackers retaliated by defacing several Iranian sites.

China is big in numbers when it comes to technology and the internet:

  • As of April 2011, China has over 900 million cellular phone users (about two-thirds of its population)- China Today
  • As of last year, Chinese Facebook users had reached almost a million despite the government is blocking the social network.
  • Internet users in China had reached 513 million by the end of 2011– Facts and Details
  • Baidu–China’s biggest internet search site is ranked #6 in Alexa Ratings for top visited sites.
  • 50% of counterfeit goods in the world come from China.
  • Foxconn in China is assembling the Apple products: iPhone, iPad, etc.

In summary, China is hundred times ahead over the Philippines in almost all aspects except the ability to speak English. The latter has been believed by most Filipinos would bring us to economic powers when in fact the mighty–China and Japan are not good English speakers.

7 thoughts on “Chinese Can Topple R.P. via Cyberattacks Alone

  1. @E^3: true..

    Mr. Tariman, this at least would give you help. Do a research about OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192. Then, at least you know about something about a number of population that somehow would mean to equal to packets… but, in truth, this is absolutely irrelevant. If I am to start my own attack, I can be equal to 100. If I have 9 hackers with me with the same knowledge and capacity, we 10, can be equal to 1000 people.

    I will not share this information but other hackers would absolutely know what I’m saying. So for you as you claim that you are a tech dude, I’d say go figure.


  2. Sir Jun,

    How can I believe in the accuracy of your articles when there are major inaccuracies I can point out?

    1. Do not be so much in awe of the Chinese economy. For years they were the sick man of asia despite their enormous population. Yes, they are the second biggest economy now but.. what about per capita income? For me per capita income reflects more of the well-being of the people.
    2. Do not also be so much in awe of Japan. They are suffering quite a recession right now as what other big economies are facing.


    • You are correct as far as the per capita income is concerned. The Chinese has the poorest citizens. I’m only talking about their mighty powers. For Japan, i’m only raising the point on how they manage to rise ahead of us when most of them can’t speak English. Those were not inaccuracies.


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