Two Ways to Get Rid of Facebook Timeline

WARNING!!! These ways are only applicable to your own browser and your Facebook experience won’t automatically look the same on other machines.

I have already shared to you my previous post “Better Facebook” which talked about the browser extension “Social Fixer” which eliminates annoyances in Facebook including the two-column format and even hide the cover photo in Timeline. If you want to try SocialFixer, read my post.

Timeline in single column and without the cover photo

Timeline in single column and without the cover photo while using the SocialFixer.

There are also other browser extensions which offer to eliminate Timeline and would let your Facebook experience back to the previous profile format. One extension i’d tried is the TimelineRemove which offer nothing else but will let you see on your Chrome browser the original profile format of Facebook. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click the wrench icon at the upper right of Chrome browser.
  • Highlight Tools, then select Extensions
  • In the newly opened tab/window, type in the Search window “Remove Timeline”
  • In the search result, select TimelineRemove and install.

Again, i put a warning in the beginning of this post to tell you that these ways of removing timeline appears only in your current browser and your account would still in Timeline format if viewed in other browser or as viewed by your friends who are not using these extensions.

My advise, is to use the Timeline instead because everyone shall get it as Facebook is forcing it to us. Besides, not everyone is installing Timeline removal extension.So, your profile can still be viewed in Timeline format. If you’re not using Timeline, your page would appear more cluttered because you’re not working on it as a Timeline.

Better use Timeline and clean some mess by highlighting some posts to extend it to the whole screen and your Timeline would appear organized.


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