MegaTypers–An Odd Job for the Jobless

Doing nothing but present online? Why not spare an hour daily to earn a dollar? It may be an odd job but it’s a no- sweat work in front of your computer. It’s the MegaTypers–by a company with an online site that is engaged in data entry services for various clients.


Once signed up, you will have to read and type the letters corresponding to the CAPTCHA image shown within a couple of seconds or risk being kicked out after several failed attempts. You have to type the letters in its proper upper and lower case. If the letters are unreadable you can skip it but too much skipping will cause your account to be suspended.

The rate starts at $0.50 to $1.5 per 1,000 CAPTCHAs. I read some comments about MegaTypers to check whether or not it’s a scam. However, online testimonies verified they got paid. The rate is considered by some as very small– about a dollar for a thousand captchas but accomplishing it in one hour will make you P43 richer. Another way of earning is through your affiliates by inviting people to join MegaTypers using your CODE.

MegaTypers pays through PayPal, Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Liberty Reserve and Western Union. The latter is preferred by most of us but payout is only done after accumulating $100 in your pay account.

Sign-up @ MegaTypers and use my Code: 100l (the fourth character is small letter L)


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