“Inside Barn Doors”– All Local Videos

INSIDE BARN DOORS is the third of my blogs that i have created just yesterday out of the need to put my locally-produced videos in a separate site.

Inside Barn Doors is using the Sundance theme by WordPress maker Automattic and is very minimalist. It’s perfect for video gallery. Its main page has a video carousel where you can feature up to ten videos.

Inside Barn Doors has categorized the videos and are accessible easily from the category tabs in the menu just above the video carousel. I may add more categories in the future.

Presently, most of the videos added to Inside Barn Doors are all produced by me either for my personal use or i was commissioned to produce it in the past. Other videos belonged to my students as part of their requirements in my mass communication classes at the University of San Jose Recoletos.

Visit the site by clicking the screenshot or go to : http://insidebarndoors.wordpress.com/

For video contributions, you may upload your material to any video service sites like YouTube and provide me the link to it by leaving a message to my blog @ the comment box, email me @ juntariman@yahoo.com or PM me in my Facebook fan page–Jun Tariman.

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