Appliance Power Consumption Cost

I’m sharing this table of power consumption cost for our common electrical appliances at home as estimated by the Visayan Electric Company (VECO). The columns of the table (left-right) : Fixture/Equipment , Wattage (average power consumption of the appliance), Hours/day (ave. daily hours of usage), Estimated kWhr USE MONTHLY(monthly cost per appliance based on average daily hours of usage).

The “estimated kwhr use monthly” is computed based on the formula:

WATTAGE x # of hours per day x 30 days per month/1,000  = Appliances kWhr Consumption


(Click the image to view the energy-saving tip.)

The kilowatt-hour consumption is multiplied by the actual cost per kilowatt-hour of VECO (about P10/kwhr) to arrive at the actual cost in peso per appliance. Below is the average rate of VECO for the month of March 2012.

4 thoughts on “Appliance Power Consumption Cost

    • Ang pasabot sa category is the sector like Residential, business, etc. If your consumption is aleady 452kwh it doesn’t mean you belong to the General Service category. You’re still belong to the residential sector, dako lang mo’g consumption.



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