Twitter Tab in Home Page of Facebook

I am surprised today to see the Home page of my Facebook fan page having two tabs: Home & Twitter tabs. Honestly, as of this post i don’t know if this update is from Facebook or from Social Fixer as there are no notices about it nor i could find a note about it from both sites.

I’ve checked my other FB pages and my personal account but i couldn’t see any tabs there. Anyway, here are the screen shots of the Tabs in my Facebook fan page while i am still trying to figure out what happened here.



Update!!!! I’ve just searched the answer of my question about the Tabs. It’s just one of the features of Social Fixer under its Filter Tab rule. All pre-defined posts are moved to the tab for easy access. Whew! I thought it’s another FB feature.So, the tabs shall be visible across all my pages while using Chrome browser where Social Fixer extension is installed.

You can pre-define the post by your friend to appear on a tab so that you’ll have easy access on his/her latest status updates. For example,you can name a tab as “Juan” and you set in Social Fixer that all Status Updates of your friend Juan shall be moved to the tab “Juan”. You can do this by going to the Social Fixer Options and set the rule criteria by selecting one or more Filter rules in each column.

The first column is the AUTHOR or the list of your friends and liked pages. The second column is the TYPE or the actions done by the author that you want to put into action. The third column is the APPLICATION that the author might be using which you want to filter. The fourth column includes OTHER activities by the author. The fifth column is the ACTION where you have to decide what to do with your pre-defined filter rule like moving it to tab or hide it.

The Filter Tab feature helps us overcome the annoying apps in Facebook since you can move all posts from the third-party applications to the tabs like the example above–Twitter. This will leave the Home page with more useful and valued posts. Read my previous post– “Better Facebook” to know how to install the Social Fixer browser extension.


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