“Better” Facebook

I’m now viewing my Facebook TIMELINE in a single column. Thanks to Social Fixer— a browser extension that eliminates annoyances on Facebook and make Facebook a little much better. The extension is free and is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or as a Greasemonkey userscript. It used to be called Better Facebook.

Download the extension from the homepage of the Social Fixer. Click the pictures to enlarge the image.


Once you installed the Social Fixer extension on your browser, a Control Panel can be seen just below the status box while a Setting tool icon can also be found at the upper right.


One annoying feature of the Timeline is the two-column page format. Social Fixer can fix this allowing you to view your Timeline in single column. Your friends' Timeline would also appear in single-column once your browser has installed the extension even if your friend has yet to use the Social Fixer.


You can hide the Timeline Cover Photo.


Clicking the Social Fixer Options allow us to set what is needed and what needs to hide.


You can hide the identities of your contacts during screen shot to protect their privacy by using the Anonymize Screen feature. By the way, you'll be notified who among your friends "UNFRIENDED" you after Social Fixer is installed.


Hovering the mouse over a link or image will show a bigger preview screen of the item.


Choosing this feature will allow the user to easily find the pages,events and group it liked.

Better Facebook. Enjoy Facebook.


4 thoughts on ““Better” Facebook

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