Windows XP SP3 & Office 2003 Support Ends

Windows XP and MS Office 2003 users  have been reminded by the behemoth Microsoft about its support to end by April 8, 2014. Everyone is urged by Microsoft to migrate to Windows 7 and utilize the free Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for easy migration.

Microsoft has an explanation why it ceases providing support to its products. It can be traced way back 2002 when it introduced its Support Lifecycle Policy that only gives a total of 15 years extended support to all of its Microsoft Business and Developer products, including Windows and Office products.

WHAT does this end of support mean to Windows users? It means MS will no longer provide security updates, free or paid, to XP and Office 2003 users by April 8, 2014. Worst, the customers shall be exposed to security attacks and lesser vendors will provide support to XP on its latest software products. The latter means latest softwares may no longer run on XP.

HOW will Microsoft can still extend support to its customers? Again, there’ll be no support for XP and Office 2003 by April 8, 2014. Instead, Microsoft will continue to convince its users to invest on its latest products and the time to start migrating to Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9, and Office 2010 is NOW!

Are you migrating? As of this writing, i am still using Windows XP and Office 2003.


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