Globe Telecom Visayan Customer Service Launching

Globe Telecom is launching this morning its Visayan Customer Service–the first in the telecom industry with Customer Service Representatives (CSR) taking calls in Cebuano/Visayan language.

Joe Caliro, Sr. Adviser on Customer Experience of Globe says 20 million Filipinos speak Visayan and don’t want to hear Tagalog-speaking agents. The move is part of Globe’s commitment to personalize its service.

During the open forum I pointed out that the demo on the new service was full of ‘corrupted’ Cebuano language. The CSR used several Tagalog words like “pwede” and “pangalan” and combined with English or the  “Ceblish” which has been practiced nowadays. I also stated that there are several Visayan languages in the Visayas like the Waray in Leyte and Samar, the Hiligaynon in the Western Visayas area which should be given attention too.

However, quickly, I praised the way the CSR handled the call by making it more conversational except some instances when the agent sounded like reading some guide notes.

But I pointed out that prudence must be applied to avoid mixing up Cebuano with Tagalog, thus prevent corrupting the Visayan language. Peter Bithos of Globe acknowledges our “passion” in our language and explains further that the “Ceblish” has been used to adopt what is practice in the community and avoid formality.

The Visayan Customer Service uses a dedicated Visayan Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) that prompts the subscriber to direct its call to a Visayan-speaking CSR who is based in Cebu. The CSRs are part of about 40 call center agents from Aegis People Support–a business process outsourcing company based in Cebu. Globe also commissioned two other BPOs–Tech Mahindra and Stream Global to provide them the agents who shall take the customer support inquiries of the new service.

Globe stresses that by hiring the services of the Cebu-based contact centers, the customer experience is “warm, personal and close to home“. By doing so, Globe believes that the company has able to break the language barrier. I agree to it because in my own experience in my radio shows, people are saying that they don’t want to call the hotlines of the different Telcos because the call center agents speak Tagalog.

Visayan customers can inquire about the following services:

  • Globe mobile
  • Globe landline
  • Globe broadband

The Visayan Customer Service of Globe is now operational.



One thought on “Globe Telecom Visayan Customer Service Launching

  1. bkit po gnun nung nakaraang araw lang nagpunta d2 ang tecnician ng globe sa bahay nmin. Kinabukasan wala nnman kme wifi minsan minsan may signal pero naot connected nman sa net hindi mkapag surfe. Pati telephone kapapalit lang sira hindi marinig ang kausap


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