The Acoustically-Design Convention Hall @ the J Centre Mall

I am very particular on acoustics whenever i am attending conventions and concerts. I’ve been always reminded of my lessons in the class that “sound is half the picture“, meaning you won’t be pleased if you can’t hear what you’re watching.

When the USC-COCAAI held its grand alumni homecoming last Saturday at the new Convention Hall of the J Centre Mall in Mandaue City, i had the opportunity of looking at the construction of the hall. I’d look at almost all angle of the hall–from the design of some pieces of materials inside it and checked on the walls and ceilings.

I was amazed that the hall is ACOUSTICALLY-DESIGNED and i can’t hear no echo nor reverberation in the sounds even if there were drums played in one corner of the hall. So, here are my observation in pictures:

I haven't seen a lobby of any convention hall that looks like this. Not even the CICC's lobby is comparable to this.

A spacious hallway that separates the convention hall and the lobby and the rest rooms.

Just enough room for everyone in this convention hall lighted by daylight lamps.

That big panels up there complete with arrays of light bulbs are not just there for ornaments. It has a purpose--to absorb all of the sounds from below so that it will not reverberate back to the ears of everyone in the hall. If you notice, the panels are perforated because it serves as an acoustic material.

The tiles on the wall are not really bricks or tiles but are foam covered with cloth. These tile of sort walls serve as acoustics and absorb all sounds that bounce into it. The beams and posts are not concrete but are hollow covered with plywood sheets to appear like solid structure. I've noticed only the floor inside the convention hall is concrete.

What is lacking?

  • The control room is not done yet as of Saturday
  • The spotlight should be elevated to avoid blinding the performers on the stage
  • Speakers/sound boxes should be distributed around the hall for the sound to reach all corners. In last Saturday’s set-up, the speakers were all located in the stage which resulted to the sounds coming just from the front. If you’re sitting at the back, you can hardly hear the voices on stage.
It was the first time the convention hall was used last Saturday. Thus, a lot of improvements can still be performed unto it. However, my impression of the convention hall is far above par than the rest of the convention halls in Cebu.

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