Sony Cellphones to Connect with Sony TV, Laptop, etc.

Soon all mobile hand sets of   will carry the   logo  as the SE hand sets are changing brand to one of the world’s top-selling brand which is Sony of Japan. In an email to its website subscribers, SE says their users can expect more features like easy connectivity to other Sony products like PC and tablets.

Some things won’t change at all. For example, your existing warranty will remain completely valid and you’ll still get the same great service and support that you’ve been used to. But you will see some important new benefits.
Your Sony Ericsson phone already features great Sony technology. But in future, you can expect even more leading-edge Sony capabilities – and easy connectivity with other Sony products including TVs, PCs and tablets to allow you to share content seamlessly across multiple screens. There will also be more opportunities to enjoy premium entertainment content from Sony including music and film services from the Sony Entertainment Network.

Coming  soon this spring, is the first Sony-branded mobile phone–the Sony Xperia S with full-packed features and specs.

Expect the price not lower than P30k.


One thought on “Sony Cellphones to Connect with Sony TV, Laptop, etc.

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