myPhone T23 Duo New Variant is a TV Phone.

I just stumbled a new variant of myPhone T23 Duo. This time, a TV Phone feature is added to the basic dual-SIM phone but without WiFi. Late last year, myPhone upgraded T23Duo into a WiFi phone while phasing out the original T23Duo variant.



I am still using the original variant of T23 Duo and i am satisfied by it’s voice quality for calls. Though, i’m planning to buy the WiFi variant, i’m also craving the TV phone variant since it could be a functional gadget as it gives you access to free TV while on the go.

I bought my T23Duo original variant April 1 of last year at a slashed price of P2,488. The TV Phone variant is sold at P2,688 while the WiFi variant was priced at P2,888–the highest among the three variants. All variants have the same technical specs except for the WiFi and the TV tuner for the upgraded units.

I can’t say for now if the WiFi and TV variants are power hungry or not. The original T23 Duo has a very minimal power consumption to the point that you’ll be charging the units once in a week. However, WiFi and TV tuner modules are traditionally power-hungry devices. So, expect that the latest variants of T23 Duo have shorter battery life than the original variant.


6 thoughts on “myPhone T23 Duo New Variant is a TV Phone.

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  4. I’ve been wanting to get one of those cheap TV phones, but when I am able to get a chance to buy those, the word “cheap” does not sound so “cheap” anymore, especially because I already have my trusty phone and I am only after the novelty of having a small handheld TV that I can take anywhere.


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