12 Days of Xperia (Christmas) SurPRIZES

Sony Ericsson continues its roadshow in Cebu with its Christmas promo–“12 Days of Xperia SurPrizes” to run in 12 days starting Dec. 12 with 12 winners to receive a total prize worth P12,000 of products and services from 12 Cebuano brands in 12 months.

It seems SE is fond of using the number 12. Me too, had a round of fun for number 12 in my previous post–“2012”.Consumers have to purchase any of the nine SE Xperia handsets at any SE shops and participating dealers from Dec. 12 to 23 to join the raffle promo .

Each of the 12 winners shall receive a P1,000-worth of products and services every month of 2012 from the 12 Cebuano brands which include a popular lechon outlet, a restaurant, a shirt maker, a salon, a spa outlet, a coffee shop, a restobar, a pizza parlor, and others.

Sony Ericsson presented the promo few hours ago before some Cebuano bloggers who are now the target of the company’s media campaign. I was there as a tech commentator-blogger. Almost a month ago, SE officials first met with the bloggers for their Sony Ericsson 3D Expo held at the SM City.

Disclosure: This blog is lending Xperia units from SE for review. The Xperia Ray review is done while the review of Xperia Play has just commenced.


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