Android Smart Phone Spying Users?

Early last month, an Android developer has discovered a “rootkit” running on smart phones that is said keylogging our SMS and emails. Worst, it’s running in the background and there’s no way stopping it.

Lately, the revelation of Android developer Trevor Eckhart made headlines in the tech-world and irked the company responsible of running the clandestine application.

The app maker Carrier IQ sent a cease-and-desist letter to Eckhart warning the app developer to shut up. This prompted Eckhart to seek assistance from the internet freedom group Electronic Frontier Foundation that forced Carrier IQ to withdraw the letter and apologized to both Eckhart and EFF.

Carrier IQ maintained that their application is not spying mobile users but does diagnostic assistance to mobile manufacturers for problems like dropped calls and battery drain. Here’s a copy of Carrier IQ’s statement.


2 thoughts on “Android Smart Phone Spying Users?

  1. It seems some tech analysts are not convinced with Eckhart’s findings about Carrier IQ. They don’t find any codes in Carrier IQ that records SMS, emails, and keystrokes on our phones. Nevertheless, a privacy panel of the US Senate has come into the scene to prove the claims Carrier IQ is violating the anti-wire tapping law. Read more here…


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