A Waterproof 35MM Film Camera

We were amused and laughing when we received a give-away from Sony Ericsson during the media launch of the SE 3D Expo at SM City last week. The give-away– a BILLABONG Removable Waterproof Focus-Free 35mm Film Camera.

Most photo-journalists who were with me were stunned on what we saw. A “new but old camera” model, commented photo-journalist Joy Torrejos referring to this old-fashion-but-high-quality film camera built with a removable waterproof housing.

The box has included a 36-shot Kodacolor 35mm ASA200 color film placed inside the traditional plastic film cannister.

The recommended film for the camera is ASA400. But what is provided with the box is an ASA200 one.

The waterproof casing is a clear sturdy plastic and it’s just fit for the 28mm lens of the camera to see-through.

The casing is sealed by a rubber seal found at the back cover.

The external shutter release button and the film advance dial are just extensions of the actual switches in the camera.

The unboxed BIllabong Waterproof film camera


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