Watching Pacquiao Marquez III Fight in PLDT DSL Watchpad

I’m hoping for the best signal from PLDT. The last time, WatchPad was a disaster. Now, again i’m subscribing to the Big Ticket service for this Pacquiao-Marquez fight for an additional P150 over and above my subscription Plan 1299. Previously, Big Ticket service was free for Plan 1299. I’ll update this post about my WatchPad experience of the Pacquiao-Marquez fight later today.

The entire family was watching the live stream of today’s Pacquiao-Marquez III fight on my laptop via PLDT DSL WatchPad. But everyone was disappointed of the intermittent feed which only allowed us to view small and non-continuous portions of the fight.

We were documenting our experience, as what i did during the Pacquiao-Mosley fight in May this year. Prior to the Pacquiao -Marquez fight the streaming had already been erratic and lagged several times in buffering the video before it could play normally. Here’s our log of the intermittent streaming of the WatchPad:

  • Feed was stopped while the America’s National Anthem was sung;
  • The feed was backed but stopped when Juan Manuel Marquez was about to be introduced;
  • The feed was restored just Marquez’s introduction was finished;
  • But the feed ceases just Manny Pacquiao was introduced;
  • We missed the entire Round 1 hence the feed returned at 19 seconds left of Round 2;
  • It went back in Round 3 with 58 seconds left;
  • It stopped again in Round 6 and backed on stream at 2:07min of Round 8; and
  • It stopped again at 28 seconds left in Round 9 before it resumed during the break for the final 12th round, as shown in this video clip i’d took.
  • In short, we almost saw nothing in the Pacquiao-Marquez III fight. The same experience i had when i first subscribed to the Big Ticket Service in May. PLDT did not bill me of the undelivered service in May after i registered my complaint over 171.

    The same thing i am going to do for this second time PLDT failed to deliver its promise. I am not paying P150 for the service that didn’t came. The Big Ticket service is no longer free in Plan 1299 unlike during the Pacquiao-Mosley fight. At that time, my plan was at Plan 990 but today my subscription is already at Plan 1299. However, PLDT suddenly effectively increased the subscription rate by no longer offering the service free to Plan 1299 subscribers. Higher Plans are offered with free subscription of the Big Ticket service.


4 thoughts on “Watching Pacquiao Marquez III Fight in PLDT DSL Watchpad

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  2. By the way, i’m currently using my DSL connection in full: WatchPad on my laptop while browsing the net; my PC is also browsed by my son, while an Xperia Ray is used by my youngest son over Wi-Fi. So far WatchPad is good…


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