Anti-Mosquito Electric Fan

Union Home Appliances take a step higher in giving their customers more value of their money. While it is true that electric fans maybe blowing away mosquitoes, Union’s Defender Anti-Mosquito Desk Fan Model: UGM-DF1628 has a built-in electric heater which is used in heating commercially available anti-mosquito mat.

Just slide in the anti-mosquito mat under the Defender's heater grill and switch the heater on by pressing the right-most button, above the red light. The red LED bulb will illuminate to indicate that the anti-mosquito function is running and will activate the anti-mosquito mat to repel any mosquitoes in the immediate vicinity.

One thought on “Anti-Mosquito Electric Fan

  1. dear i want to ask this sample work on batterie rechargeable that min the mosquito work on the batterie rechargeableplz shure this information


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