PowerOff–Automatically and Remotely Shuts down, Restarts, Logs Off Computer

PowerOff is a lightweight software that controls automatically and remotely the power state of any computer and of any PC connected in a local area network (LAN). You can shut down, restart, log off, reboot, power off, standby, hibernate, lock, wake-on-LAN, and turn on/off monitor.

The software operates on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 without installing it. Just copy the executable file (168kb for version on any folder and double click it to run the software. For PowerOff version that i am using the interface would look like this:

I have only tried the version above on Windows XP but the writer of the software–Jorgen Bosman– thinks it would run on all Windows platform including Windows 2000, Vista and Windows 7. Nevertheless, you can download the latest version 3.1 at the official site @ http://www.power-off.com/default.html

More @ http://juntariman.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/poweroff-automatically-and-remotely-shuts-down-restarts-logs-off-computer/


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