Google+, A Facebook Killer?

For the past two hours, i’ve been testing Google’s new service–the Google+. It’s Google’s social networking site which, by all angles, is somewhat inspired by Facebook.

Facebook-look-alike? Well, here are some of its similarities:

It has Stream on its homepage–the equivalent of News Feed of Facebook;
The Profile page is almost similar to Facebook as far as its interface is concerned;
The home page has also two sidebars for other features; and
It has chat (using the Gmail’s Chat feature) which is capable of voice and video chats.
What Google+ has which Facebook doesn’t have:
Hangout– it’s video chat box using your live webcam. You can view not only one but as many friends on your circle.
Image upload can be done Drag & Drop, making it easy for us to transfer pictures from our computers. Your Picasa pictures can also be found in your albums here.
Photo from your phone– if you have an Android phone, uploading pictures is easy from your mobile. The pictures uploaded from your phone are stored on the album “Photo from your phone” which is kept private until shared.

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