Minimum Requirement in Accepting Friend Requests in FB

I have set a minimum requirement for me to accept “new” friends here on on FB. If you have some of these, then i would likely accept you:

1- We must have a reasonable number of mutual friends;
2- You must have a good number of friends;
3- Your profile should have recent activities or even past activities;
4- You must have a profile pic.

I likely REJECT outright your friend request if:
1- You pretend you’re a student of the school i am affiliated with; and
2- You’re using a picture of other people, especially students.

hahahaa… Sorry guys medyo strict na ko karon. There’s a group that resurrecting its fishy activities of creating fictitious or bogus accounts just to get into your profile and participate your activities.

Ohhh! i’m outsmarting you by the way… kuha mo?

p.s. You can LIKE my new page instead–TIRADOR


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