Shutting Down a Remote PC @ Home on a LAN

Many times in the past i had trouble controlling the computer usage of my kids especially at night time when i am about to sleep or when i am using my laptop from the bedroom. Like some other teens, my kids are reluctant in shutting down the PC immediately as soon as i told them. As a result, they would end up using it until the wee hours while i am already past asleep.

So, i kept on looking for ways to control the PC at the sala. The PC and my laptop are on a small network at home while it is connected as a “workgroup” over a WiFi router. I can see the PC in the Network Places from my laptop but i can’t manipulate it. The Windows’ feature on Remote Desktop is not so friendly to use. So i ended up looking for other softwares.

Finally, i’d found this– poweroff. It’s a simple utility tool that can remotely turn off any PC that are interconnected over LAN or WAN. It’s easy and simple to use.

Download the copy of this software from THE BOX at the sidebar of this blog under the folder Utility Tools. Visit here for the instructions:


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