Myfacefriends–a FB Copycat

Myfacefriends–a FB Copycat?

I have signed up to the newest social networking site-Myfacefriends–out of curiosity. At the same instance, i am keenly observing how it works. Is it another MySpace, or Facebook copycat or a new Friendster or all of them?

Well, by its font–it looks more of a Facebook; by its green color–it looks more of a Friendster; and by its prefix “My”– its more of a MySpace. In short, a combination of the three greatest social networking sites.

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One thought on “Myfacefriends–a FB Copycat

  1. Expect a suit from Facebook against Myfacefriends for using the same font of their “f” and some of its layout. Facebook had even filed a suit against a site for using the word “book” on the latter’s name.


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